About Us

What makes a “Community?” A cluster of houses?  A neighborhood?  A place to live?

Community, to us, is a desirable way of life.  Our church is made up of ordinary people who invest time and energy getting to know each other and building relationships.  We all look for it; It is in community that we find true friendship.  A place to belong.  A place to be ourselves.  It is also in community that we can begin to find our true purpose; why we are here and what we are called to do; where we can truly encounter God.

No one has to be alone.  It is in compassionate community that we find the strength and support to pursue God and grow as people.  It is also in community that we can make difference in the larger community around us.  Sure, it takes work to keep going. After working at it for a while, we’ve come to like it.

At the Vineyard Church of Conroe there is a place for you!  Come join us as we experience community together!

For a fuller picture of who we are and what we believe, check out Our Values, our Statement of Faith, or read a little about Our History, if you are into that sort of thing. You may even want to spend some time getting to know Our Staff.

Once last thing! You probably want to check out our Ministries section to see how we put our beliefs in action!