Growth Groups

Growth groups are a key part of the ministry of the Vineyard Church.  We will be meeting at several locations. We meet together weekly to get to know one another deeply and encourage each other to walk out what we are learning. Class will begin on the week of January 24, 2021. We will do this class in person with social distancing and on zoom.

Growth Groups – Spring Semester 2021

This semester we will all be reading through Glen Schroder’s book, Never Trust a Leader Without a Limp. John Wimber was the founder of the Vineyard church. Never Trust a Leader Without a Limp is a collection of his sayings, each placed in its historical context. It captures and preserves the Vineyard’s story and restates the foundation that the Vineyard movement was based on. **The book will be available in the bookstore**

Our semester will run from the week of January 24th through the week of April 4th.

Thursdays on Zoom

7:00-8:15pm. For those who prefer to keep their distance, please join us as we zoom the meeting in the café. Worship will begin at 7:00pm, with a teaching time immediately following.  Breakout discussion groups will give you a chance to discuss with each other and receive prayer.

“What exactly is a Growth Group and how is it run?”
Growth groups are a lot like a mini church, but much more informal and more relaxed. These Growth Groups will have several groups with different topics. Growth Groups are where you get connected and meet people and grow in community.

“How do I join a Growth Group?”
Just pick one that is convenient for you, commit, and attend on a regular basis.

“Who do I call with questions about a Growth Group?”
For questions about a specific growth group, please contact the church office at 936.539.6444.

“Where/When do the growth groups meet?” We have growth groups meeting several nights a week at the church and other locations. The Growth Group time is varies from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Look at the Growth Group Directory above and click on the name of a class to register.