Growth Groups

Growth groups are a key part of the ministry of the Vineyard Church.  We meet weekly in groups of 15 (or less) to get to know one another and encourage each other. Registration for classes opens April 24, 2022, and classes begin the week of May 15, 2022. To register, check the list below and click on the name of the class and fill out the form. The class location is specified on the form. Childcare is available for some groups. Please register your child(ren) by Sunday, May 7th.  See you there!

Growth Groups – Summer Semester 2022

Tuesday Growth Groups

Diggin’ In to 2 Corinthians – Morning Class – Carol Darden

Dirt Under My Nails – Evening Class – Polly McDonald

Better Together – Traditional Home Group – Evening Class – Brian and Christie Simpson

Rockin Around (with You) – Evening Class – Hawk Nolan

Wednesday Growth Groups

Themes from the Bible . . . Project – Evening Class – Brian Fox

Restaurant Hoppers – Evening Class – Joel & Taylor Fox

Home Group with the Laughlins – Evening Class – Joseph & Brianna Laughlin

Thursday Growth Groups

Livin’ La Vida Sopa – Evening Class – Joel & Ashley Looney

“What exactly is a Growth Group and how is it run?”
Growth groups are like mini-church, but much more informal, more relaxed and have varied topics. This is where you meet people, get connected and grow in community.

“How do I join a Growth Group?”
Register by clicking on one of the classes in the list above.

“Who do I call with questions about a Growth Group?”
You can call the church office at 936.539.6444.

“Where/When do the growth groups meet?”

We have growth groups Groups meet throughout the week. Click on one of the classes in the list to see the information for that class.